PLEASE NOTE: All transfers will require some easy trimming before application. With some, not much is required, and with others, you'll want to trim in detail to avoid a white background on your project. If you'd like your transfer PRE-TRIMMED for you, please let me know in a private message prior to your purchase so a $10 fee can be included. Thanks! This transfer works well on any color fabric. Size is specified in the title line. Interested in a size you don't see here? Ask me. Very often I can do in other sizes as well. Perfect for tee shirts, jeans, tote bags, book bags, and so many other things - exactly as pictured. Premium design faces UP - it's a cold peel transfer. The easiest to apply that there is, in other words. TOP quality and lasts wash after wash after wash, as long as you follow the simple instructions. Comes with parchment paper and easy step by step details (which are basically: heat iron, peel paper off, lay it down, put included parchment on top, iron for 3 seconds, DONE. =) I hope you love it. UnNatural Favor