A name decal made of beautiful rose gold Permanent Adhesive Vinyl for long term use. These decals are made using a gorgeous script font. These are ideal for use on water bottles, coffee cups, mugs, tumblers and laptops for long term use. The most common item that these gorgeous decals are used for are Wine Glasses and Champagne Flutes. They look beautiful and are perfect for bridal showers and wedding parties! These decals also great for Christmas and New Year's Eve dinners and parties! Please indicate the name you would like in the personalization box. (Please note, this listing is to be used for 1 name or word. Adding a Mr., Ms., Miss or Mrs. before a name is okay!) It is also helpful if you indicate in the "note to seller"section what you will be using the decal for as I may be able to help you determine if you have ordered a size decal that is appropriate. The size of the decals vary depending on which height you choose and the length of the name. Decal size is determined by measuring the highest point on the decal to the lowest point. Decals that contain the lowercase letters q, y, p, g, j, (and in this cursive font, z) which dip down lower than the other letters will appear smaller than decals not containing these letters, because the height is measured from the lowest point on the decal to the highest. If you need the decal to be a particular dimension, please send me a message before ordering so that I can help you determine the best option to fit your need. If you are looking for other sizes, styles or colors please message me and together we can create the name decal that suits your needs! This decal is made of Rose Gold Mirror (reflective) permanent adhesive vinyl. If you are looking for a different color, please send me a message and we can work out a color that suits your needs! ********************************************************** IMPORTANT SHIPPING OPTIONS AND INFORMATION ********************************************************** These items will be shipped using standard, economy shipping unless you select a s shipping upgrade in the cart. Standard Shipping (economy shipping)- $1.35- if this method is selected, your items will be shipped in a standard envelope with a first class postage. This method usually takes about 2-5 days to arrive once it is shipped. However, please allow up to 10 days. It is important to note that you will not be provided with a USPS tracking number if you select this option! First Class Package - This option costs about $3.50 and shipping usually takes about 2-5 business days (this does not include processing times). If you select this option, your item will arrive in a poly mailer (plastic packaging envelope) and will include a tracking number. If being able to track your package is important to you, this is the most economical option. However, please allow enough time as this option usually takes the longest! Priority Mail - This option costs about $7.35. Shipping times are about 2-3 business days (not including processing time!) This is not a guaranteed delivery time, but usually pretty accurate! If you select this shipping method, your order will arrive in a USPS Priority Flat Rate envelope. You will be sent a tracking number for this shipping method, once the Post Office has scanned your envelope. Priority Express Mail - $25.35 - This shipping method is for those who need their item last minute! The shipping time for this option is 2 business days guaranteed by the USPS. (USPS guarantees that this item will reach you in two business days, or else they will refund your shipping cost!) PLEASE CONTACT ME BEFORE SELECTING THIS OPTION TO ENSURE THAT I AM AVAILABLE TO GET YOUR ORDER OUT IN THE TIME FRAME THAT YOU NEED IT! If you select this option, your order will arrive in a USPS PRIORITY EXPRESS envelope. A tracking number will be sent to you as soon as the Post Office scans your item. ***************************** Processing times vary but I try to get items shipped out within a couple days of receiving the orders. Please note that weekends and holidays may cause shipping and processing delays. Need an item as soon as possible? Contact me and I can let you know the soonest I can get an item shipped out!